Saskatchewan - where the beauty of nature takes centre stage

Saskatchewan Scenic Secrets

See Saskatchewan as you have never seen it before. Saskatchewan Scenic Secrets is a hard cover coffee-table book with 145 enticing colour photographs that showcase the beauty of Saskatchewan, from the deep south to the far north, to where the beauty of nature takes centre stage.

Saskatchewan Scenic Secrets brings to life a landscape rife with superlatives – some of the largest tracts of uncultivated grasslands lefton the Great Plains, the largest sand dunes in Canada, wetlands of international significance, northern lakelands that inspired the writings of Grey Owl, and wild pristine rivers where no signs of civilization intrude on a wilderness lost to most of the world. Saskatchewan is arid badlands where eroded buttes and stone-capped hoodoos stand guard over stark valleys of austere beauty, but it is also lush green valleys and secluded sanctuaries where moist carpets of ferns thrive under a forest canopy. No one landscape typifies Saskatchewan. Indeed, the Saskatchewan landscape is best defined by its incredible diversity.

Saskatchewan Scenic Secrets is available at better bookstores and gift shops, or directly from Parkland Publishing.

Saskatchewan Scenic Secrets
by Robin and Arlene Karpan
$34.95 hard cover • 11 x 8 1/2 • 128 pages • 145 colour photos
ISBN 978-0-9683579-3-4 (print)

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Hard cover coffee-table book

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